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Culture of Malaysia

Malaysia is a land of diversity. This miscellany is seen in its topography, culture, tradition, foods, festivals, education- in every sectors. Malaysia Travel Guide provides complete information on Culture of Malaysia. Malaysia is a cosmopolitan country. Malaysian culture is the blend of diverse cultures. Malay, Indian, Chinese and different native tribe's cultures have contributed to it.

The common features of any cosmopolitan society are the admiration paid to one another's faiths, unity amongst diverse races etc. These features are quite obvious in Malay society. Malaises are the natives in Malaysia and their population predominate the society. The chief significances of the Malay culture are the stress paid on the worth of good manners, lenience and unity. It gives emphasis to the strong bonding of the family relations. This liberalism has helped the country to sustain its cosmopolitan feature.

Art: Islamic art has deep impact in traditional Malaysian art as the locals are mainly Muslims. Islamic calligraphy, manuscripts, architectures are prevailing in traditional art and craft of the country.

Festivals: The chief festivals of this country are Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Christmas, Gawai Day which show the society's esteem to each other's beliefs.

Craft: The craft of Malaysia has been influenced by the diverse races of its society. Weaving, batik, Songket, Woodcarving, Kite(Wau) Making, Keris, Boat making- all these forms of crafts are quite popular among the natives and these are the means of earning their livelihood.

Music: The diversity of society is quite evident in the traditional Malaysian music. The harmony of this country is mainly the blend of Indonesian and Thai music. Even the Portuguese, Filipino and Chinese tunes have deep impact on it.

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