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Hotels in Kedah

Kedah, formerly known as Syburi, is one of the states of Malaysia . A rich culture, glorified history, lush green landscapes, verdant paddy fields define the state of Kedah. Nowadays, the tourism industry is a major part of the economic system of this land. With the development of tourism and other industries, numerous Hotels in Kedah have been established here which provide suitable accommodations to the travelers.

Agriculture is the major means of living in this land. A panoramic view of the state gives the picture of verdant and picturesque farming lands. The numerous historical landmarks are unavoidable attractions to history enthusiasts. The Bujang Valley , Balai Besar, Balai Nobat all these sites are reckoned as country's heritage.

Kedah is the land of flora and fauna. Numerous rare species of plants and animals can be seen in the forests of this land. The Gunung Jerai Resort, Bukit Hijau Recreational Forest , Pedu Lake , Gunung Keriang Recreational Park , Telaga Tujuh etc are frequented by foreign visitors all round the year.

The transportation in the state is well developed. One can choose a number of ways to roam around the state. Various tourist information centers provide required information for tourism. The medical system is quite developed and well managed here. Excellent sightseeing attractions, tourist friendly inhabitants, good accommodations and transportations, all these combine to form an attractive package that draws a large number of tourists from all over the world.

The Hotels in Kedah provide the international tourists with reasonably priced, cozy and well- maintained accommodation. The hotels offer the guests with warm hospitality, amiable staffs, and topnotch amenities and services.

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